Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama Victory Underlines Why Google+ is a Dead Place

A social network is a bit like a virtual party. People interact and discuss things mainly around current events. That is why Live sporting events like the Olympics are followed very actively on social media websites.

Today, when the US President Barack Obama got re-elected, he (probably his campaign team) showed exactly why Facebook and Twitter are social media champions and why Google+ is more or less a dead place.

On winning the elections Obama's official account on Twitter shared the photo below. It quickly became the most retweeted Tweet in the history of micro-blogging platform.

Check Original Tweet

On Facebook too, Obama's official account shared the same photo and it too broke the record for being the most "Liked" photo on the website's history.

Check Original FB Share

In other words, the photo got an incredible 2.8 million Likes and over 600,000 retweets. Moving over to Obama's official Google+ profile, it shows the latest update is over a day old. The iconic photo is missing and no one has even bothered to update it with today's election news.

This clearly shows that when its about reaching out to people, Google+ simply resembles a empty room instead of a happening party. As someone who really likes Google+ for its privacy options, Hangouts feature and its beautiful design, I find it very disappointing to see so little activity on it even after more than a year after its launch. Even though Hangouts is popular, I float the idea of a hangout with friends first on Facebook. If I did so on Google+, I am sure no one would really notice it at all to respond.

What are your thoughts on Google+? Do let us know through your comments.

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