Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to Create and Share Interest Lists on Facebook

Facebook started rolling out public interest lists a few months ago but it is not exactly a very well known even to regular Facebook users. I follow some bloggers and their blog's Facebook pages but adding them to a public list on Facebook. Sometimes I share such a list with on my timeline so others can follow the list with just a single click.

Guide to Interest Lists on Facebook

Here is a step by step guide to creating Interest Lists on Facebook and also sharing it publicly on your Facebook profile.

Go to a Facebook page or even a profile page and click on the gear or settings icon as show in the image below.

This will open up a window to add pages and profiles you want into the Interest List. You can use search to add all similar user profiles and pages into the list.

In the image below I have added our parent company rtCamp's product pages which includes our blog's official page.

Now name the list as per your convenience. It is a good idea to name it something descriptive as it should make sense when shared publicly on your Facebook timeline.

Interest lists can also be kept private, available to friends or even public.

Now you can follow all public updates on this interest list. Interest Lists are different from Friend Lists as they can be shared publicly on your Facebook profiles timeline. Look up the list and you will see a "Share" button on the right hand top corner.

In case you are interested in looking up and subscribing to the List I created for this making this guide, you can do it at this link on our Facebook Page.

Usually I am not very particular about gaining a lot of subscribers on Facebook but if you add your own profile in such interest list then anyone following the list also automatically gets counted in your subscriber count. ;-)

Do drop in your comments.

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Google introduces floating Compose window in Gmail

When composing a new E-mail, or replying to one, there will be times when you want to refer to previous E-mails and you'll find yourself switching between previous E-mails and the one you're writing.

Google has today rolled out an update for Gmail users, which aims to solve this. Enter the floating Compose window.


When I logged into my Gmail account today, I got an invitation to try out the new way of composing E-mails. Look out for that.

The new Compose window is more like a condensed/stripped version of the original. It looks very similar to Google Talk (or Tasks for that matter) in minimized mode.

The biggest advantage is of course the ability to browse your Gmail while still composing the E-mail.

The reply feature too is streamlined and looks pretty similar to the Compose feature.

If you've tried out the feature and didn't like it, you can always switch back to previous version of Compose and reply features. To do that, hit the triangle icon beside the trash can icon in Compose window – and hit 'Switch back to Old compose'.

Personally, I think the update is pretty cool, as I myself have never used all those features in old Compose/reply's editing mode.

Do you like Gmail being simplified more and more? Tell us what you think.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why you’ll never need a Start Menu replacement for Windows 8

Microsoft had released Windows 8 for public last week and this time I found many people actually buying Windows instead of pirating it, which is a good thing.

As expected, many of these people who got their hands on Windows 8, have started raging about how Windows 8 is a step back in usability – mainly referring to lack of start menu.

Many of them even started installing 3rd party start menu replacements. Heck, Samsung is bundling it with their new Windows 8 laptops.

So is lack of start menu really a big problem? Here's why it is not.

Windows 8 search – it's all there

The search in Windows 8 is hidden in the Charms bar – the bar that slides from right. But again, you don't even need to wait for Charms bar to open – to start searching, all you need to do is, get on to the start screen and start typing. Can it get more easy than that? I don't think so.

Browsing through apps in Windows 8 is much better than navigating through folders and menus in Windows 7′s start menu. Think of it like OS X's launchpad, i.e. really good for checking out all the apps you've installed.

Searching and browsing through apps

Not just that, all the run commands which worked in Windows 7′s start menu will work in Windows 8 too. For example, msconfig lets you add/remove startup programs, accessible through Windows 8′s search.

Run commands in search

If you've ever used OS X's Spotlight feature, you know how slow searching files is, in Windows 7. Not anymore, Windows 8′s search is a considerable improvement, though not as fast as Spotlight, it's much better than what it was previously.

It's all about making search universal

Windows 8′s search feature is not restricted to apps or settings or files. It's built into each and every app on your OS. That opens for a lot of possibilties.

For example, I type 'Hyderabad' in Search and hit the 'AccuWeather' app – it starts showing the weather of Hyderabad immediately. If there was no universal search, I had to open the app, find the search bar, enter the query and get result. This is how Windows 8′s search turns a multi-step process into a considerably shorter one.

In-app searching

Windows 8 is a big change and it'll take a bit of time for everyone to get used to. Installing a start menu replacement will only make it look like Windows 7, and you'll never come to know the beauty of integrated/universal search.

What are your thoughts on Windows 8? Have you tried it? Put that in comments.

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LG Nexus 4 to be available in India by November

Yesterday Google made the Nexus 4 phone official in a blog post. LG is manufacturing the Nexus 4 phone. It will be initially available on 13th November in U.S, U.K, Australia, France, Germany, Canada and Spain.

Asus has already confirmed the Nexus 7 being available in India possibly in the month of November. LG India officials have reportedly confirmed that the new phone Nexus 4 will also be made available in India by November end.

The phone is priced very competitively at $299 for its 8GB unlocked version. Even with duties and taxes, LG could price it in India for around Rs. 20,000 and it will be a very competitive price for such a powerful phone with the latest stock Android version on it.

Why LG Nexus 4 in India is very likely?

Samsung last year had let down a lot of Android users who expected it to roll out Galaxy Nexus in India. Unfortunately Samsung shelved any plans for a Nexus phone in India (if there were any in the first place) possibly to not have it clash with its Galaxy S3 launch.

LG itself does not have a phone that sells as well as Galaxy S3 in India. So it makes sense for LG to roll out a very competitive and in-demand phone in India.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Google Announces Nexus 4 Phone, Nexus 10 Tablet and Android 4.2

Google's Android event scheduled for today might have got cancelled because of stormy weather, but it has not stopped it from announced the two new Nexus devices and an upgraded Android version. It has also introduced upgraded version of Nexus 7 tablet.

Nexus Phones and Tablets

Now there are three distinct devices with Google Nexus brand name. All devices will run on the upgraded JellyBean version 4.2.

Nexus 4 (Phone)

  • The Nexus 4 mobile phone is built by LG and has screen size of 4.7 inches.
  • The phone will ship with a new feature for viewing photos called photo sphere. It is bascially new features for taking large photos and also enhance Google+ experience.
  • The phone ships in two variants which is the 8GB and 16GB memory space.

Nexus 10 (Tablet)

  • The phone is built by Samsung is a new 10 inch tablet. The tablet is a entertainment device meant to bolster content consumption.
  • The device allows mutilpe users feature of Android 4.2 allowing more than one person to share the tablet, obviously aimed at families.
  • The tablet has a powerful battery with upto nine hours of video playback and 500 hours of standby.

Nexus 7 Upgrades (Mobile network support)

  • Nexus 7 initially would only connect over WiFi networks. Google has now added support for HSPA+ mobile networks or mobile networks in lay mans terms.
  • The newer Nexus 7 devices will roll out of Android 4.2 version.
  • The device will be shipped in two variants with 16 GB and 32 GB memory respectively.

Android 4.2

There were many good updates as expected from Android 4.2. It is not a completely new version of Android but just a upgraded version of JellyBean. Android 4.2 also will support multiple profiles and has many improvements in Google Now search capabilities.

Android 4.2 has a new camera feature called Photo Sphere which is literally taking three dimensional photos of a large area.

Below is a video shared by Android's Hugo Barra showcasing the Photoscape feature.

This also means Google will in all probablity not reschedule its Android event which it had cancelled earlier.

(via Google Blog)

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Zombie Apocalypse!

A Recipe for Zombie alerts! Also: Etsy, SkyDrive, and Withings Channels, Halloween Recipes, and more.


TTTrick or Treat! Sound the alarm for an impending
Zombie Apocalypse with this Recipe:

Text me if the CDC reports
a Zombie outbreak

by ericbock on August 1, 2012


First come the Treats—introducing the new Etsy Channel, SkyDrive Channel, and Withings Channel on IFTTT!


And now for the Tricks—we collected a few Recipes to encourage the Halloween spirit.


Search for "Halloween Costumes" on Etsy

by alexander on October 28, 2012









Set a goal to lose the post-Halloween candy weight

by alanhogan on October 25, 2012


Happy Halloween! Be safe, and seriously, watch out for Zombies.


—The IFTTT Team




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Send & receive SMS from your PC: MobiTexter

An Android App which enables you to send, receive and view text messages on your Android device from your desktop browser. That is exactly what MobiTexter app is all about. The App basically synchronizes the Contacts and SMS to your existing Gmail account and give you complete control from your PC.

MobiTexter is completely free (even without ads)and the message gets delivered instantly so you do not have to worry about any delivery reports.

How it works:

  • Download and Install MobiTexter from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Launch MobiTexter on your device and register your Gmail account.
  • Once registered login to to send receive or view your text messages

The App is very simple to use and install. The web interface on the desktop can be further improved though. For example if you delete a message from your desktop, it does not get deleted on your Android phone.

If you find MobiTexter useful, then you might also like MightyText, an Android app with also supports desktop notifications when SMS is received.

Link: MobiTexter

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Google Cancels its Android Event

A few days ago, Google had started sending out invites for a special Android event, scheduled for the 29th of October. The event was to be held in New York. According to confirmation by Marketing Land, Google has cancelled the 29th October Android event. The event was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. The storm is supposed to hit New York over the next day.

Google at the moment has not yet announced a new date or venue for the event.

Google Cancels Android Event

The event was supposed to show case a LG Nexus 4 phone and a 10 inch tablet called Nexus 10 by Samsung. There were rumour about a new variant of Nexus 7 with 32GB memory and 3G compatibility.

Also the most important part of this event would have been the announcement of Android 4.2 (possibly called Key Lime Pie). Here is a list of the expected features of Android 4.2.

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Get List of All Windows 8 Laptops / Tablets recommended by Microsoft

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to go about upgrading your laptop or PC to Windows 8. But that one was for people who already owned a computer and not for new buyers. There are many manufacturers who have already made Windows 8 laptops and tablets.

Keeping track of all the different devices running Windows 8 might seem like a difficult task but thankfully Microsoft has an official list. Just visit the Windows 8 Tablets & Convertibles or Windows 8 Laptops pages to get a list of all Windows 8 devices.

The price, specs and availability of all the devices on Windows 8 is made available. ;-)

Use PC Selector to find suitable Windows 8 laptops and tablets:

Along with list of all devices, Microsoft also has a handy online tool called PC Selector for users to device on what PC or Tablet will be best suitable for them. This one is mainly devised for people who are do not understand technical terms.

Users need to answer questions based on how much they use a computer and what exactly they use it for along with their desired budget. Based on that information the website suggests users the best Windows 8 PCs or tablets.

Are you planning to buy a new Windows 8 laptop or tablet? Do drop in which one you are planning to and why in your comments.

Link: PC Selector | Windows 8 Laptops | Windows 8 Tablets

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Simplest way to Buy or Upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 8 in India [Online]

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is available around the world for people to either buy or upgrade. Most new computers manufacturers over the next few months will start offering Windows 8 on their devices. Windows 8 is priced reasonably and it is affordable for many. This should ideally reduce the amount of piracy of Windows 8 OS.

At this moment we can either purchase Windows 8 pro or upgrade a recently bought computer to Windows 8 but with a discount. Both can be done online.

Purchasing Windows 8 Pro in India

I decided to check how to go about upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 and how to go about doing that online. Windows 8 pro can be purchased online for Rs. 1,999/-.

Visit this link and download the file. The initial file is only 5 mb size and allow it to run after its downloaded. The file will check if your computer is compatible from hardware and software point of view. The purchase supports using a credit card or Paypal  I am not sure if PayPal would work for Indian buyers.

Link: Buy Windows 8 Pro

Upgrading to recently bought Laptop to Windows 8 Pro

This applies only to people who have bought their laptops after the 2nd of June 2012. The upgrade on such laptops is available for Rs. 699/-.

Users need to register their laptops at this link. Microsoft will send across an email with your promo code and details on how to download and purchase Windows 8 Pro.

Link: Windows Pro Upgrade Offer

Hope this helps your upgrade to Windows 8 in India. At the moment I am unaware of any online retailer selling Windows 8 Pro in DVD.

Do drop in your experiences and views on Windows 8.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pocket for Mac makes reading articles a breeze

Read It Later, a popular app for saving articles for reading later, has reinvented itself this year as Pocket. I used to be a Readability fan, but then switched to Pocket as it was rebranded.

On desktop, Pocket is available as a webapp, but I always prefer Mac apps to their web counterparts. But wait, they've released their Mac app today, just what I wanted.


The best part of Pocket's Mac app is that its interface will never come in your way – there's nothing flashy or eye-catchy here. That's important for an app intended to use for reading articles.

The standard two-column layout lets you swift through the articles, you will be able to watch videos too (if they appear in the articles).

You can't change the background of the article, like you can in its Android app. But you do have control over text size and readability.

You can share articles through Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Evernote and Email. It doesn't use Mountain Lion's default sharing options, but that's okay.

The app automatically downloads the articles, so you can read them even when you're offline.

It's a free download and if you're Pocket user, it's a must try.

Link: Pocket for Mac

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[Tip] Block Yourself from Facebook Unless you have Notifications Pending

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends from school and college. It is also a great way to keep track of what is happening in the lives of people you know. But most people generate very little useful information on Facebook. I often find 90% of the updates on Facebook being a waste of time.

Most status update can be about mundane things like describing the weather or sharing jokes which often are not funny and the worst of them all sharing funny cat images. But the social networking website is a very addictive service and often I find myself wasting time on it. For someone like me, who works online this can be a catastrophic distraction. :-P

But I do not want to stop using Facebook completely and wanted to look up a online tool that helped me.

Facebook Nanny is a Chrome browser extension which allows users to only access their Facebook account, only if there is a notification pending.

A popup message shows up telling the user to get back to work and not waste time on Facebook. :-)

Users can also access their own profile on Facebook and messages but not their feeds and lists.

To allow yourself full access to Facebook, either you can login from a different browser, disable the extension or use incognito mode on Chrome.

Are there any other tools you use to stop yourself from spending more time on Facebook and similar sites?

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Facebook Nanny

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