Friday, 1 February 2013

Getting fit in 2013?

A Recipe for tracking weight loss! Also: New Triggers for Vimeo, Etsy, Gmail, and Pocket, plus more.

Track your progress with this Recipe:

Record your Body Scale
measurements to a calendar

by masayukig on October 24, 2012

We’ve been busy in the new year improving the Channels you use and love! The Vimeo, Etsy, Gmail, and Pocket Channels introduced Triggers that opened up creative possibilities for new Recipes.


Try out some of the recent additions with these hand-picked Recipes:

Save Vimeo Staff Picks to view later in Pocket

by alexander on January 16, 2013

Schedule reminders to review starred emails

by jeff on January 09, 2013

Automatically tweets what you favorite in Pocket

by readitlater on December 17, 2012

Good luck keeping your resolutions this year. One month down, eleven more to go!


—The IFTTT Team


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